Inquiry And Quotation Process

After receiving the customer's inquiry, we have a special person to understand the situation at the first time, and according to the customer's request, check the price and quote it to the customer


3D Manual Process

We have a professional 3D team, draw 3D pictures according to the requirements of the customers and give them to the customers for confirmation. If the 3D pictures are confirmed, there is no problem, and then we will arrange a figure for the customers to confirm again, until the customers are finally satisfied.



After the customer confirms that the 3D figure is ok, we have a strong modeling team to disassemble and split the mold according to the customer's product, send the mold split picture to the customer after confirming that it is ok, and then arrange the mold production.


Customer Confirmation Sample

After the mold is completed, the project will arrange a large-scale sample as soon as possible, and give it to the customer for confirmation. After receiving the customer's confirmation signature, we will arrange the production batch according to the customer's signature.



We have a professional production workshop and our own QC quality department. We have special personnel to follow up the order in the whole process of bulk goods, and complete the order according to the needs of customers.



We can deliver the goods around the world in different ways, and we can also send them to the warehouse or logistics specified by the customer. It is also possible for the customer to pick up the goods at the door, and we fully cooperate.

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